Thanks for ad so is Yamaha doing a recall on 14 15

Thanks for ad, so is Yamaha doing a recall on 14/15

SVHO 's? I have a 2015, 75 hours so far so good, just want to be prepared. Seriously thinking about trading up for a 2016.

  • For timing chain

  • Nope, If it breaks then they will fix it. No recall.

  • Ughhhhhh, could be out of commission for a month

  • Yup

  • Seriously thinking about going to NYC boat show tomm and striking up a good trade in deal for a 2016, with new chain design.

  • Sounds like a plan. I'm gong to keep my fingers crossed on mine.

  • They sell a kit now but its a total rebuild

  • $1500

  • Only thing this post is doing is bringing down the price Of used FZRs with the paranoid thing (Oh It could Happen) anything can Happen, all skis with chain damage were under 40 hrs they said its less than 2% of the skis built.