Thanks for letting me join I just got a 1977 xs360 in a trade deal I don t...


Thanks for letting me join. I just got a 1977 xs360 in a trade deal. I don't know much about motorcycles. It doesn't have spark. Where should I start?

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  • No worries. Test battery, fuse, check timing, plugs, leads, coils. Simple and importantly least expensive things first!

  • By the way mine is a 360 as well.

  • If the engine stop switch on the handlebar is broken that it could be preventing it from getting spark?

  • Yep, bypass it. I had to! Not cheap to replace.

  • I may have gotten into something I don't know how to do. I better get a manual

  • Good idea! There is a photocopy version free online. It's for the early models as well. If you get stuck ask!

  • I found a service manual online but I don't think it was right. I am gonna start with the halfway missing / broken kill switch. We cleaned the points. There is no power going to the coils or points. I know almost nothing about motorcycles lol

  • That's cool mate, we all started at some time!

  • Where is this photocopy manual