The dragon trip was a success Now I need recommendations for flush mount front...

The dragon trip was a success!! Now I need recommendations for flush mount front turns. Do any come with the required resistor to keep the fast blink away?

  • I have the motodynamic flush mounts. Bought them off amazon for $50 came with resistors and very easy install.

  • I also have the motodynamic ones. Came with resistor

  • TST industries with their electronic flasher relay

  • Motodynamics FTW!!! Love mine

  • Every body hates the fast flash

  • Dang looks like motodynamics it is. Thanks guys!!

  • Motodynamics has a built in resistor

  • I don't mind the fast flash, but it came with them so I figured I'd use them so it blinks at a normal rate. It's a wired extension with about 10in of excess wire and rattles on my bike at low RPMs. I've considered taking them out to shorten the wire so won't but it would result in the fast flash again. Decisions Decisions...

  • Blue ridge parkway??

  • This is with the motodynamics ones? Where are they vibrating? The lights or the wires?

  • It is! I stayed in Townsend to I made a big loop through the foothills parkway, up the dragon, through Cherokee nc, and back to gatlinburg on the parkway. A beautiful ride!!

  • Zack Crum I spend a week down there every year just to ride. We normally stay at deals gap resort (not much of a resort, lol but the price is right ) wake up and hit the dragon, eat some breakfast and head out riding for the rest of the day then come in, in the evening and play on the dragon some more when traffic dies down. Love down there, considering moving when my son grows up

  • The wires, I have them zip tied up but there is so much wire looped around it still rattles.

  • i considered that place, but I was alone and 500 miles from home so I wanted to stay somewhere with cell service

  • Zack Crum that's certainly understandable. I usually go up there with other people, however I've not ever been there without making a bunch of new friends. The atmosphere is usually excellent. They have a huge fire pit and after a day of riding everyone sits around drinking beer and telling lies! And there is a kickass restaurant 4 miles south on 129 called the old mill. As well as one right there at the gap. I usually put my phone away for that week

  • Motodynamics