The face I made at a guy who said Nice Harley I said thanks but it s a Yamaha...


The face I made at a guy who said, "Nice Harley!" I said thanks but it's a Yamaha Raider so the dumb ass sais "Oh wow! Take it as a compliment!" WTF?

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  • He doesn't understand that, that is NOT a complement.

  • A compliment.... from ignorance. The mind set that only harleys look good? That only harleys are badass? That's what I have issues with. Harley is wallowing in the mud pits of consumer report reviews. I have friends who can testify that they don't honor warranty or stand behind products/bikes. All that for top dollar prices ,, no thanks. .. I've had several similar conversations. It's the HD is the best of the best mindset I can't stand, because in comparison with quality, performance, price, it's POO POO.

  • I don't hate harleys at all. There's several models I'd love to have. But I'm not financially secure enough to afford high dollar machines that quite commonly breakdown due to various issues. And then I have to eat the costs because HD service department says all those problems are normal. But they are not recall normal or warrantee covered normal. I was in Baton Rouge Harley Davidson the other day. Sticker showed it had aftermarket exhaust, grips, and powder coated something, that added over $5,000.. lmfao then they charged over $2500 for the install of that. Now I'm roflmao. REALLY!? NEARLY $8,000 for grips, exhaust, and something that's powder coated! I need to go into the business of bolting on accessories to harleys, I can make 5G's a day, easy.

  • I hear u, there are some HDs I'd love to own, except my power ball number did not match the winning #s! Lol. It's just, why does it need to be a HD to be a nice bike? Closed minded people I guess!?!