The home made exaughst I put on along with my edelbrock carb

The home made exaughst I put on along with my edelbrock carb!

  • Correct as long as its jetted. Witch I'm assuming it's.nothing

  • Not*

  • He has an edelbrock

  • It's an aftermarket carb it gets more fuel to the motor than what a stock does

  • Don't know much about those crabs

  • From what I can tell its gonna be a huge improvement from the stock

  • People really underestimate valves in 4 strokes. Most of the myths started back in the day by 2 stroke guys who were uneducated in them. The only real way you can plainly damage a valve is by floating it and having contact with the piston

  • Stock and the Eddel are not very different. I ran both. The Quiksilver II has slightly better throttle response, is easy to float tune on the fly and has an elliptical bore as opposed to the stock round. Same bore on both. I found the Eddle to drink way more gas than it should.

  • I know my 400ex burnt them quick . Ran like a raped ape so I didn't bother touching the jets

  • I bought the edelbrock because my old carb is junk it was running off of the main jet only and that jet was way to big so I ran threw a tank of gas in like an hour I also only had 3/4 of my throttle lol my 4 wheeler has some major problems