The million dollar question what underwater lights to get that won t break the...


The million dollar question, what underwater lights to get that won't break the bank and work great? How many did you put on your boat? And location? Pics please!!!

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  • Satisfaction level?

  • John what is the water like where you are? Its kinda murky here. It takes alot of light to look that good here. (Delaware River)

  • Very pleased. I had to modify the angle of the lights. I used a double in the middle and a single on each side.

  • Murky also, this is the Barnegat bay in one of the lagoons.

  • Looks great! What they cost you? They come with switches, transformers, etc?

  • No, I had to buy switches, inline fuses, etc. I bought them a few years back for $400 for all three ($200 for the double and $100 for each single).

  • Nice work! Do the lights look as unified in person or do they blend together better and the camera doesn't show it? Is like to have it where it looks blended

  • Thanks! They look individual, except when underway.

  • Ahhhh now that's what I'm talking about!!! Sold!

  • Don't buy too boat was fitted with two underwater lights and led strip all around the boat - unfortunately not tight after some years of use.

  • Thats interesting. Never seen anyone put lights around the rub rail. Seems theyd take a beating with rafting up, docking, etc, but looks cool.

  • Stays well within the rail to be safe when docking - but is made op of many 2 meter pieces and water gets in - I have now bought a watertight 20 meter strip - just waiting for some good weather :-)

  • They look cool; but check with the authorities prior to running with those on I know 2 people who had them and were stopped and now have a BUI...:(

  • Ouch

  • Now they were not set was red, one green..They were stopped because they "interfeared with the nav light visibility"

  • My god that blows. In very cautios running anything other than nav lights at night. Most of our LE on the water here ends at 11PM here. after that, anything seems to go lol

  • on Memorial day Labor day and the 4th it is like running a gauntlet on Joe Pool. I counted 7 wardens once. They stay out all night; and even post outside the marinas with no mooring lights to catch people not slowing down far enough back prior to no wake zones. Best thing is to make them your friends. Cruise by slow....if you haven't been drinking...thank them..and offer them water, soda, or food...they seem to leave you be when they can count on you for an occasional drink or snack :)

  • We have Fish & Game police (or FaGs, as we affectionately call them) on our dock at the marina. We always offer them food and cold drinks. I was pulled over by them a few years ago. Passed all sobriety tests, but it was very stressful.

  • No more snacks for We have the police and Army Corp boats now; but at one time we also had a game warden, fire, and coast guard too.... Was it a new guy? New guys seem to be stricter in their first few weeks

  • We have a similar "team" here. Multiple overlapping forms of LE. Ha, it was an old guy training 2 new guys.

  • as I say....not as I

  • Do you have to drill to mount them?

  • Yes Joshua

  • Wow - sounds like you are boating in a military zone