The wind has been blowing pretty high the past week especially in the afternoon

The wind has been blowing pretty high the past week, especially in the afternoon. So far today it seems to have calmed down a bit.

My Reckless Fairing with a 10" shield does quite well as far as blocking wind but....the wind coming up from the tank area hits me right in the head.

To try to alleviate some of the turbulent air, I made a set of lowers and mounted them to the forks. I just say, even with a nice breeze and wind from traffic, my ride was much, much more stable and enjoyable. Almost cut out all the wind coming up from the tank area. They're not that big but they actually work great.

  • I have the fork lowers made by Memphis shades. I purchased them over the winter and i've installed them... they do make a difference. I like them! I'm not a real handy guy like some guys here that's why I prefer to buy instead of making my own...

  • Joe Loconte, I feel you bro.....I didn't want to take the time to fabricate a bracket so I just purchased the MS Lowers fork brackets to mount the lowers.

  • I just wanna get out there and ride it's been a long long winter brother

  • Here is how I installed them on my bike

  • Hard lowers and tires are next on my list for this Spring

  • I came across a website a while ago that offered hard lowers for the crash bar, can't remember but they looked nice.

  • JTD cycle part is what I have for hard lowers....check them out

  • John, where did you get the lights mounted under headlight?

  • @ Dennis Neiderhiser, those are a set of driving lights I got from Wal-Mart a while ago for less than $20. They are 55watt lights and are nice n bright.

    I've got em hard wired via a relay and switch. Only powered on when ignition is on but the switch provides an option to turn em off during the day. They're mounted using the existing trim piece screws.

  • Thanks John!!!!!! I will be doing that!!!! Awesome!