THEN and NOW This is regarding my 1st bike the RX 100 It was gifted to me by...


THEN and NOW- This is regarding my 1st bike the RX 100. It was gifted to me by my grandfather in 1987 ( got it for 11700 rupees ). It was a part of me all through my college life and even beyond . I had all the fun of wonder years with friends, just riding around and going to college/ CP/ Janpath, going out stations etc. I had ported it , had the 5th gear put, had the expansion chamber, the compression ratio was increased and so was the carb modified and the rear sprocket changed. It was fast and I had seen a 120 knph many a time, got it painted to the Yamaha red with my kind stickers. I had ridden it for 1,20,000 ( 12 years ). Towards the end of 98 I had sold and what a mistake it was, as a part of my growing up and learning all about bikes was just lost. But last year I got it back all thanks to my old friend Jagdish Pabreja and the restoration was done by Kaulson . These were the very two guys whom I use to go way back in 1987. It has been restored to the exact specs as It use to be during the WONDER YEARS.

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  • You are lucky to get your bike... I sold my Rxz and still searching for it... I have not found it till date

  • I am sure you will find it

  • Nice brother

  • Congratulations broo

  • Congrats brother ^_^ <3

  • Respect <3

  • Congrats brother ☺

  • Wowww.... superb

  • What a story. Amazing.

  • Did u get get the bike with the same decals back then ? Or was customised?

  • No - it was a standard maroon in Dec 87, I got it done in 89. From 89 till end 98 it was the new colours .

  • Thank you for the info great to interact with you sir.

  • gud work sanjay