Thinking about buying this to go on rides it s a 1999 28 foot with a v10 what...


Thinking about buying this to go on rides, it's a 1999 28 foot, with a v10, what do y'all think it would be worth?

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  • 9k ish

  • I was hoping for Atleast 12k

  • I mean for real value use nada. But it's worth what someone would give. If it is nice inside I think 12k is fair

  • I'm hoping to get it for 5500

  • Well find a bunch wrong

  • What

  • Find*

  • Lol believe me I'm going to try

  • What's the asking price?

  • If it's decent with 40/60k on it I think it will be low teens.

    You might get it cheaper if it's a distress sale.

    This is a 35' 02 Itasca with v10, 48k, 2 slides. Bought it at the Auction for 18250 a couple months ago. I had 5 minutes to check as much out as I could before it was in line. Got lucky, EVERYTHING worked except parking brake. And I bought new tires for it......blew one out pulling the trailer. The rears were originals.... (old).

    Good luck!

  • We bought is it has 39k miles and a v10, we paid $5400 for it today, everything except the drive engine air works but I'll fix that

  • It's a 28 foot

  • That's fantastic. I couldn't understand the previous posts, we're they asking 12k for it or you just hoped it was worth that for resale?

    What were they asking?

  • V10? About 3mpg.

  • I got 5.6 mpg over 341 miles pulling that 22' interstate.

    Unloaded last week on the same trip I got 7.49 mpg.

    That's hand calculated.

    That's after I added a 5 star Tuning programmer. Waaaaaaay better shifts and holds overdrive 10x better.

    Being my motorhome is 19k without a trailer, I'm not bitching.


  • Damn. I would've never guessed. V10 must be doing a lot better than when they first came out.

  • They said this one got 11 towing a car but I'm thinking about 9

  • 8k is what they were asking but if someone says it might be worth 12k I'd just feel better lol

  • They came out in 98 in vans or motorhomes, 99 in super duties.

    I have two powerstroke Excursions and never would have believed the V10 has the power it does. It's impressive.

    I only got 9mpg pulling my 27' TT over Christmas on a 3400 mile trip.

  • I assume no slide outs and shorter is what brought the price down some.....but I still think you got a helluve a deal.

    The enjoyment you'll get out of it is worth twice what you paid.

  • Seth I think your closer than they were but when guys spend the big bucks on the banks kit with headers they do get up there to a solid 10 mph or so.

    Also the newer v10 motors have 3 valves per cylinder and are 50/60 hp more than yours & ours. They also have the trans that came behind the powerstrokes.

    Those get better economy.

  • Yeah no slides and I needed shorter to squeeze it into my drive way

  • 6 kids.....I needed a 45 footer, lmao

  • Lol yeah

  • How much were tires, mine aren't too bad but do have some dry rot from sitting

  • Just under 300 a piece with mounting & balance.

    I cheaped out and only got the fronts initially....blew out the inside left rear coming home on the freeway with that trailer.

  • Dang I figured they'd be cheaper than that

  • I bought Double Coins, Michelin tires are pushing 500 a piece....