Thinking of getting a batwing fairing for my 2014 950 tourer. Any suggestions

Thinking of getting a batwing fairing for my 2014 950 tourer. Any suggestions? Don't care for the price tag on the Memphis shades.

  • Thanks Shawn!

  • Not to sure I'd deal with Tsukayu Google there complaints.... How were your dealings Shawn

  • I've ordered two sets of Patrol bags from them for both of my scoots... No complaints with the product, their prices were great for me & shipping the products were Outstanding.

  • Great. No problems.

  • The only negatives that ive heard is that sometimes it takes a while for the product to reach your door. Its happend to my brother, but in the end he still got a quality product.

  • The fairing did take a while because they build it when you order it. The bags were here in no time

  • Check out SS Custom cycles. Give Shane a call he will set you up. Dont know if he still has sale goin but he had Memphis shade fairing hardware and windshield for $395 delivered.

  • I bought on from eBay for $200. It cost about $250 To have painted. Mounts on stock windshield brackets (with some adapting).

  • Thanks for all the input guys!

  • Was wondering Timothy, did that fairing come with the mounting brackets?

  • No Ray it did not come with mounting brackets, what I did was remove my windshield and made some brackets that would fit to my windshield mounts. It was pretty simple to adapt to those .