thinking of selling the 212ss in the spring summer Want to get a bigger one...

thinking of selling the 212ss in the spring/summer. Want to get a bigger one, maybe an AR 240. What with the canadian dollar being a bit weak,Anyone in America could get a deal.

Just thinking about it.:) better than trading in.

  • nice boat, but personally I would sell it up can ask for more money as there isn't as much seller competition as there is in the U.S and American buyers tend to shy away from Canadian items because they are unfamiliar with the importing rules and regulations

  • Agree! But it is a really nice boat!

  • Kind of what I'm looking for

  • With the economy how it is, id hold onto it a few months (at least) before u sell it.

  • I was thinking of doing the same thing.. I was thinking of selling my boat for $36,000 CDN which would work out to only $25,779 American.

  • Similar price to mine,

  • Yeah if your trying to get out of it for a good number I am sure there are some wholesalers in the states that might pick it up. We do the same with trucks here at Ford

  • If you find anyone, let me know.:)

  • Nice boat!

  • I had the same boat and loved it! Stepped up to a 242 limited S and so glad I did, good luck!