This a new thing has loads of paper gaskets before and not one of them through...


This a new thing has loads of paper gaskets before and not one of them through every quad and bike had a silicon seal it's an Athena kit btw

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  • Putting sealant on a gasket is definitely not a new thing

  • I know but iv always had to put it on myself never had one come like this out the packet

  • I'm not too sure about quad gaskets but in the gasket world it's definitely a common thing I work on Industrial machines for living and most gaskets we do have sealant on them it's more of a placeholder so the gasket doesn't slide more than anything I believe

  • If that's for your blaster, you should never run paper gaskets , should be using OEM base gasket, them paper ones leak like crazy

  • Ive had a paper gasket get sucked right into the transfer on a heavily ported blaster. Never again.

  • It a temp for a couple of months until I get a stroker crank

  • That's an older oem gasket 96-02

    Before that they were blue with sealant or black.

    I still recommend putting sealant on the other side too. Never hurts and never leaks

    Yamaha went with the thicker fibe/coated style for 03+

    The thicker base gaskets for 03 raise the cylinder 1mm

  • I truly believe people should learn their own lessons from their own mistakes. Rock on dude.

  • No matter if you put sealant on both sides, unless you seal the edges the paper gasket will deteriorate when in contact with fuel and break down.

    Only yesterday was a post put up with a vid of a paper gasket leaking.

    OEM or Cometic gaskets only for this little black Duck..

  • U shouldnt use any sealer on a base gasket