This goes for all London and England riders of the group I have the Akra no...


This goes for all London and England riders of the group. I have the Akra no baffle filter and program. I average in London which means lots of stop and go 46.7 mpg. What is yours? Reason I'm asking is to see if my initial idea that bike after remapping is more economical.

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  • Mine shows 57-58 all day long, regardless of bimbling or balls out lunacy. Ti Akra, modified baffle, K&N and ECU flash.

  • This is a big difference from what I see. Motorway speeds I will do nearly 70 mpg. But home to work which is only 3 miles of traffic and traffic lights I do 47. Any ideas?

  • Only 3 miles each way? It's barely warmed up and you can't get out of third, surely? That'll be why.

  • Does it affect it so much?

  • Short journeys using the lower gears will use more fuel.

  • mine is around 52.5 mpg. not a massive difference between commuting with heavy traffic and twisties

  • Mine shows around 48mpg average in the dash. However its about 5mpg out. 43mpg is the true figure.

  • Rees Mills you have yours flashed? Is it worth it? What are the power gains etc etc? Just for the record mine averages around 50. And that's also a short commute, full akrapovic and gull luggage

  • Do you have the bin file that was written in ECU?

    Or you can ask the people who did this, if they give it to you?

    I want to take a look into it ..

    Thank you in advance!

  • Mine is standard and has averaged 70 over 9500 since new according to the clocks

  • I had it flashed to improve the rideability; the fuelling is so much smoother. Yes, it's more powerful but I don't know by how much (figures banded about by the MT guys quote 125bhp). I think it's worth it, although I miss the engine braking on quick rides. I'll probably go back in the New Year and get it reflashed and get the braking back.

  • They stopped the engine braking? I'll mention that, I don't want that. I'm lookin to make it more smooth, I just can't be bothered with the O2 sensor stuff. The dyno guy says he can do that in the flash. Can also stop the backfires....not happening! I find mine Ok, but the on off throttle is sketchy, especially in A mode. Next it's the mt10 aswell

  • The engine braking is an option. I said yes to everything!!

  • Best to try it Atleast

  • 52 for me