This is a follow up of my post just a couple days ago about wanting to purchase...

This is a follow up of my post just a couple days ago about wanting to purchase a pistol, open carry or conceal it while riding.

This is an event that happened last night literally 10 minutes from my house, I go here frequently and usually ride at night around this time because my job fucks with my sleep schedule I usually sleep during the day when I'm off and awake at night. my fz6r is my main source of transportation so let me put this into perspective for anyone from another country or that lived in the U.S and was appalled that I want to carry a gun for my protection aswell as anyone near my vicinity.

Say I'm in Walmart and a guy behinds me sees me open my wallet with cash in it and follows me out the store late at night, proceeds to take the knife out from behind me prevents me from starting and leaving on my bike by pushing me off of it while I'm scrambling to get my helmet and gloves on as he sprints to me knocking it over, now I'm in hand to knife combat with an unknown individual under unknown substances if any are present.

I'm 5' 10" weighing in at 145lbs how do I protect myself against a 260lb guy? Sure I know I have hands I use to box and took a Brazilian Jiu jitsu before I got out of high school but one mistake on my part I lose my life.

This is a wake up call to every American in this group hold onto your 2nd amendment rights, do not give it up and I strongly urge you to carry as well!

  • Ya'll got issues out east. Lol. I don't worry about shit like that here.

  • Same haha.

  • If i could carry out here commifornia I would, I rather I have it and not need it, than die wishing I had it

  • You can still obtain a CCW in California ya know... Just depends on the county. So, hit up your local legislation and make your shit heard son...

  • Exactly my mindset bother, not a soul will know I have it on me once my CCW clears until then I'm going to get a holster and open carry it.

  • Well I know this was factual truth back in the early to mid 2000s that my state had the highest crime/fatal crime rate in the entire country.. I want to move so badly but I need to stay planted here bc of my job being I'm in the oilfieldb

  • But what blows my mind is when I made the original posting about questions for a reliable weapon to have on me for my protection and my protection alone no ill will intended whatsoever everyone wanted to chime their thoughts and bash the idea, now I have a relevant reason and incident not even two entire days later ten minutes from my house? Only a handful chime in or like it.....

    My Fz6r also is out in the parking lot exposed to the general traffic flying by so if someone passes by and sees it they could easily call a buddy and try a snatch and grab, I've already had a lady come up to my bike while I was in a store up close and personal on it taking pictures all over, it was so strange that a store employee came and found me to notify me I was unaware. At Least I have a means to defend myself and my property now

  • If your state allows for you to open carry/ cc. Do as you wish.

    If you've never fire a pistol before. Start going to a range that offers you to rent one and have a field day with all of their selections.

    People can or will recommend something but sometime, those things won't suit you.

    So again, go out and get some experience with shooting and handling a fire arm first before going off to buy one.

    People look at me all odd when they ask me what I'd use to carry. Which is a. 45 lol.

  • I have shot plenty brother!

    .38, .45, .22, 8 gauge, 10 gauge, 12 gauge, .44, .223, 7.62 from a semi AK with drum mag fun times! and once because my moms had a rich boyfriend with a farm at one point a .50 BMG.

    I've just never been hands on with many pistols besides the .44 and the .38

  • Well If trump gets in you'll all have a gun - even the guy with the knife, then it'll just be a case of who's the fastest draw. Now that's progress.

  • Yeah your ignorant

  • It will be like the wild wild west again. Lol

  • I don't believe in guns whatsoever and think they should be outlawed completely. I live here in Australia where after this country's deadliest mass shooting in Tasmania they did just that. The Government bought the guns from the people to ensure they were all seized and imposed massive fines on people for possessing them after the outlaw.

    That being said, if I lived in a country like the USA where gun violence is rampant, I would most definitely be armed.

  • Not only that but did you know you can create a gun in Australia with 30$ and a few hardware parts? Lol if a criminal wants to kill he will find a man way but I respect your opinion and thank you for understanding how rampart America is there's no taking guns out of Americans unless you want extreme atrocities happen for years!

  • Of course you could, but like I said the laws are in place now to discourage that kind of action. We haven't had a mass shooting since the laws were established and I don't think that's a coincidence.

    And I disagree what you're saying about the atrocities... That is exactly what Australia did. Guns had always been legal here and then they blanket outlawed them. It worked. I think there was a 12 month period or something in which citizens could hand in their weapons in exchange for money. I don't think it would be any different over there.

  • I understand you wanting to protect yourself Jacob, but don't you have insurance? Why risk your life for something so trivial.

    It just seems the American way. I remember hearing about a young kid that accidentally shot it's mom cause it found a gun in her purse, now all the crazy a over there were saying that her other kids should have been able to carry guns and could have stopped the shooting. Where is the thought process in this?

    What America needs to do is get rid of guns!

  • Ignorant is ignoring the mass shootings that occur in your country on a weekly, if not daily basis. And it's "you're" not "your" as in "you're a gun nut".

  • There have not " blanket outlawed" guns here in Australia Sam..after the mass shooting at Port Arthur the government banned semi automatics & large capacity magazines. Firearms are not illegal here..only certain types.

  • Yeah but you cant get a gun in australia just for the sake of it, you need to need the licence for work or for shooting vermin etc

  • like like like

  • Never saw this comment until just now, no I had liability insurance which means my insurance will cover the other owners vehicle not mine. So being that he hit me and ran I had to pay for medical bills, bike, and ect.

    Why don't I have full coverage? in my age bracket even with a clean driving record just PER month owning the FZ6R under full coverage insurance with a 1500$ deductible would be 680$ a month. And then if I put that claim in it would've raised my rates.

    Filed a police report and because I was so close to the vehicle I remembered the make model color approximate year and the first three on the license plate and the police didn't even lost a finger in fact they questioned me like I was a suspect!

    That story is negligence on the gun owners part when I buy my pistol I'm getting a safe for it with a numerical keypad to hold it. If you can afford a 600$ pistol you can afford a 150$ safe. Even more so if that child was of age to be taught do not touch guns!

    I honestly believe everyone above 18 years old after a psych eval and a yearly gun skill test should be issued a pistol by the government. If everyone has a pistol the casualty rate of the mass shootings would not have happened. If having people with guns do not stop other people with guns why do police have guns to stop people with guns? Lol

    America will always have guns buddy even more so you can take a lead pipe or a 2X4 and turn it into a gun risky to shoot but it will still shoot a 12 gauge shell or a .223 round.

  • Adam here ya go there's tutorials all over the web man. Even in Australia you can make these...

    http://mindtomachine.blogspot. com/2014/08/12-gauge-pipe-shot gun.html?m=1

  • Adam Parker yeah lets get rid of tha'tll solve the issues we have with criminals obtaining firearms..all that means is that youd disarm the law abiding citizens and infringe on their right to protect themselves.