This is probably old news but So I added two wires to my battery one for...


This is probably old news....but. So I added two wires to my battery, one for heated gear and one for a Deltran tender. What I discovered is that you have to get longer screws (battery terminals). Just adding that little bit of thickness (two ring connectors) made the originals too short to reach that little nut. A side note, I ran the tender lead into the left side was barely long enough....but now......I can plug in the tender, or I can plug in two options.....I have a USB adapter and a female power port adapter. Now I can charge everything I own while I ride. Simple, cheap, sweet !!!!

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  • I should add. I don't remember the size, it was metric, but you only want to add 1/4" If you go too long you could crack the top of the battery. For once I did not make it worse......I'm not a mechanic, but I do own some tools.....dangerous !!!!