This is stating to really make me mad I don t think this bike wants to be...


This is stating to really make me mad! I don't think this bike wants to be ridden. I f it is not one thing it is another. I finally get my new needle valve put in, fires right up no more gas overflow. go to take it for a spin and get about a half mile and the throttle cable frays and breaks grrrr have done to much to this bike to give up now. Guess I will have to order a throttle cable. Man this is making me mad.

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  • That's the way it goes on these old bikes! Just do your best man..its worth it..

  • That's the beauty of these bikes. You are constantly fixing or buying parts for. Like I said that's the beauty of these bikes.

  • I replaced all the high wear items on mine when I got it so I could ride without those issues.

  • Not much left to do. I have done New crank seals, new fork seals, new front wheel bearings, new needle valve, new brakes, new spark plug, new air filter, new handle bars, new grips, new tail light, fixed the gas tank. I just want to ride the damn thing lol

  • Been there. Drive 4 hours to find bike won`t run. But the good rides erase all the heartbreakers.

  • Habit now to make sure EVERYTHING works the days leading up to a ride to make sure everything works... but then something breaks that morning. But yeah.."when it works!!"

  • you should give it to someone in the group,so you dont stress out! right fellas?

  • At least it's just a to ride my 250k once after rebuild and newly rebuilt shock leaking oil.learning to rebuild spare I have now.its all