This is to the VP of Yamaha Motors Bill Boehman


This is to the VP of Yamaha Motors Bill Boehman-

Hello Bill, my name is Bart Elliott, me and my family live in Dothan Alabama. I'm reaching out to you with the hope and faith that you can help me with my Yamaha boat that I purchased 2 weeks ago on 4th of July weekend from Boyds Marine in Dothan Al. I've been researching boats for 2 years and looking at catalogs, inboards, outboards, ect... trying to find the perfect family boat. I decided to buy the Yamaha 242X E series, and I added all the warranties and protection plans I could add because I wanted to keep the boat for a long time. Bill the last 2 weeks have been a nightmare with Boyds Marine and my Yamaha boat. When they deliver the boat, they know nothing about the electronics on the boat (keep in mind this is my first boat), can't show me how the radio tower works or why it's not working. So we take the boat out for the 4th. That first Saturday it blows a fuse with in hours. With warnings scrolling across the monitor. We fix that. The whole day the only 2 speakers working are those at the rear of the boat. The other 8 speakers are out and the sound bar. First time we hit some big wakes at a medium speed we hear this loud metal rattling noise. It's where the bihimini metal frame connects to the right side of the fiberglass boat. It has a loose connection and we want have it looked at first thing tuesday morning after the 4th holiday. Then I open up my rear cushion and all I see is boxes. None of the attachments were assembled and put the boat, to include the wake board holders, the rear view mirror, the spare tire holder an tire on the trailer, fire extinguisher, ect.. so add it to the list of things needing fixed.

We drop the boat off Tuesday morning and go over all the things we need fixed. Matt Nall the GM at Boyds says he will fix it all and jump right on it. I said great because we want to go back to the lake this Friday, we have a cabin rented and family coming down to ride the new boat. I check back 2 days later and the boat hasn't moved, nothing is attached, nothing is fixed. I was in disbelief. I told Matt (GM) that I was very upset that I needed the boat the next day. Well they attached the accessories that day and the. Extra morning when I went pick the boat up (as promised ) it's bad news. The amps are fried and they had to order a new bushing" to stop the rattling of the tower (which is still not fixed). They say take the boat for the weekend, we have to order 2 amps and a pre-amp from Polk Audio from "Rock Bottom audio" here in Dothan. So again we have no sound system and a packed boat all weekend, and the tower just rattles all day long. Take it back the following Monday to Boyds, they say the amps are in. I go back Thursday and boat hasn't moved, amps aren't in and towers not fixed. They tell me it's going to Rock Bottom audio to be fixed friday morning (yesterday) we should be able to pick the boat up there by 1pm. Matt (GM) and Harrison(shop manager)at boyds both tell me out of their mouth that no one there is trained or knows how to fix the Yamaha boat, my heart just sinks and I take a breath of disbelief. So we goto pick the boat up at Rock Bottom audio, and he tells me the boat "Can Not" be fixed! That it has fried the new amps. He says the batteries were wired wrong to begin with at delivery and that's what blew the fuses. Then he says when he totally disconnected the batteries that the wiring in the boat is still "HOT". He states that the entire boat needs to be "REWIRED" and that this was the "3rd" time that Boyds had brought my boat to his shop. Now I have have my boat back again for the 3rd weekend, no radio(the radio is one of the main reasons I bought the boat), a rattling tower, and dealer I have zero confidence in. Bill can you help me reach the right people at Yamaha? I'm so disappointed in boyds marine and my new Yamaha, I fell like I've let my family down too. You can calm me. At 334-701-5550, my email is Thankyou for your time and reading this, apologize for the length and detail.

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  • I am sorry to hear about your troubles, I don't know what I would do differently than you already have. I hope they get it all fixed. You can have the dealer start to give you some free stuff, installs etc.

    He and his team sound completely incompendent!

  • Thats a bummer Matt. My 2016 190 was delivered with a dead battery . Marina where i bought it gave me new one and when i hooked up new battery most electronics wouldn't work and boat wouldnt turn over. Most of fuses were fried . Turns out the first battery was installed reverse polarity. My trailer was also missing a light in front of wheel well .Dealer also didnt go over anything electronic on boat or YES warranty i have. Seems like bad service after sale.Good luck with the VP contacting you and with your boat Matt.

  • Thanks friends for all the helpful ideas and responses. I have called yamaha and got the ball rolling. A Yamaha rep is calling my local dealership to see why haven't they reached out to them until now. Maybe the VP will read his email monday morning and try an expedite things. This just sucks being my first boat owning experience. Thanks alot , it helps to have feedback from yall!

  • May need to get that number for ya

  • People are the issue. Be sure to review the dealer via face book google yelp..all of it after thisis resolved

  • Bart, a lot of your issues seem to be dealer prep issues. Julian's 242X had a stereo issue that was from the factory and yours may have the same. Having your dealership contact his is a great idea. The E-series boats are the most featured and complex boats that Yamaha has produced. I am not surprised that there are some teething issues. I hope yours is up to 100% soon!

  • The dealer should have called Yamaha from the least with my boat, it was clear there was something amiss with the wiring...even I was able to figure that out.

  • Call an attorney!

  • I got a good response from the VP of Yamaha-


    Very sorry to hear about so much trouble with your newly purchased Yamaha Jet Boat. Our goal is for your time on the water to be worry-free so I sincerely apologize for not delivering on that promise. I have passed your email on to a colleague who is responsible for all sales and marketing for Yamaha Jet Boats in the U.S. I’m confident he will get things quickly headed in the right direction for you. While I’m part of our Marine Outboard group, we work closely with our Jet Boat team and I will personally follow up with the Jet Boat team on Monday to see what their plans are for quickly getting things right for you.


    Bill Boehman

  • Thats awesome

  • Cool and good for you for pushing forward!!! I'm in sales, so this is my everyday job, not fun. But I like that you didn't come on a site to complain, you took action and it paid off.