This question is abit off topic and not the right bike for the group but il see...


This question is abit off topic and not the right bike for the group but il see if anyone knows..I have a Yamaha R3 battery is a 12v...7ah its toast need a new one. I'm looking at batteries and found a 12v.."6ah"..Now would this work considering the AH is lower? the Manuel suggests a 12v 7ah but there's a good deal on this 6.. and have nobody else to ask. Thanks

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  • Dont get it.your gonna end up paying more just because of a good deal get the one that you need end of story.

  • 1ah you should be ok

  • The main difference is the 7 ah can supply 1amp for 7 hrs compared to the 6ah which can supply 1 amp for 6 hrs.

    You'll be fine using the 6amp battery

  • It's not like I'm running any extra led or anything anyways. Just was curious if the difference in 1ah would work.. Thanks for answering. the cca (cold crank amps) are atleast the same between the two at 120.

  • Yeah you're more than fine using the lower amp battery. As long as you're not putting any extra load on the battery like leds or a 12v charger for your phone or what have you.

  • One of the main things to consider is physical size, there is not a lot of room in there, if the cheaper one is physically bigger it won't fit.

  • Buy the correct battery

  • everything is the exact same size 12v the same same 120 cca the same just one less in ah

  • This will only effect you if you stopping and starting your bike a lot. 6*Ahr=3*0.5Ahr=1.5*0.25Ahr . To turn the starter, takes a lot of current.

    I recommend like for like or better