This would be what happens after I bring the bike back to the shed last night


This would be what happens after I bring the bike back to the shed last night!! Lol Look at this, it's BEAUTIFUL out today and so warm! After almost a month of straight rain and fog! Every 10 mins I hear and see bikes go down the road. I'm dying here! Going out in a couple hours and I don't think I'll return until it's dark :)

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  • its so warm the passing car has a dog out the window!

  • I didn't ride this morning as it was raining. I think i'll be taking mine out in few hours.

  • Yeah it's beautiful out now! If you wanna go for a ride later drop me a message!

  • Wow way different style houses to what you see over here!

  • is that so? why so Edward Thomas what do yalls look like? I think her houses look very.. American... copy cats.

  • Holly fuck!!!! You also have green grass and cars!!!!

  • My grass Is greener than my neighbours lol

  • No ride for me yet, this is my view right now because I decided to take up the door sills today cause there was water pooled and I found about 2 inches of water under the carpets. So this this what I'm at instead of on bike :(

  • If you ever move to WA, I have a job for you...... seriously...... lol!!!!

  • Edward Thomas yeah my house is very sub division ish lol and I just noticed from these pics that my neighbours across the street all have beige/Gray houses lol except for one blue one 5 houses down lol. There's different types of Homes here too but this is what you see mostly in the sub divisions. Unless you're talkin the very very rich areas then they're insanely massive and intricate