Time to get my enduro muddy


Time to get my enduro muddy

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  • What year is that

  • 1980

  • Nice my first bike was a 74 it wasnt as nice as yours tho

  • Any idea where to get a spare motor? I've got a 79 that I need a motor for. And a head pipe/expansion chamber.

  • Nice bike. They look great with some nice knobby tires

  • WOW! I have the same bike! Yours is flawless! Beautiful!

  • looks like a 80 model

  • i have a new rack for that bike i need to sell

  • How much?

  • 90 and pay the ship pm me for the pics

  • Phil Slee

  • I have 2 of those. Paid 100$ for one with 2500 miles on it. Building a matching one for the wife. Our gone fishing machines. Who needs a bottom end. I have one. If I am not mistaking the 125 and 175 bottom end is the same only difference is the piston size.

  • 85 sor wrong price

  • I need a bottom end and an expansion chamber for a 78

  • Love the 78-81's DT's.

  • Sheldon, Iowa. I have an expansion chamber as well.

  • Price?