Time to haul ass


Time to haul ass

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  • Lol yup. But works!

  • Its stream line look and heavy duty engineering were precariously made by the some of the most admirable afro engineers known to man. Precise and incomprehensible skill and drill went into this project with one thing in mind....yes sir you guessed it when a 6 pack rack just won't do bring the whole cooler with you. And steak don't forget dead cows

  • Wow tell me how you Realy feel about it lol!!

  • Haha

  • One day when I grow up IMA be me a Honda salesman.

  • Lol. One day your gonna cone visit and I'm gonna trick your yamaha out with all the accessories I make and then you will be looking like this

  • Nobody likes a show off Calvin Jaworski lol. Nice PINK cooler by the way

  • Lol it was full of beer so I didn't care what color it was. Plus it fit awesone

  • Lol nice!!

  • Chris Samuelson, do you know if this hitch is homemade? Mine has the exact one and I've seen a few like it in the past as well. I don't think they look like they are homemade. I wonder if a company made an after market hitch for them or if they just are similar. I think they look to nice to be homemade.

  • Aftermarket