• Time to ride

    Time to ride.

    • Front fender /mudguard is on backwards

    • Real sweet Bolt my friend just like mine except I took the front fender off I have sweepers However your exhaust looks awesome I wish I had those rear shocks mine suck. and I dont know about you but when it rains the last thing I worry about is a rooster tail when I ride. I live in Florida the rain blows sideways I worry more about flying trash cans then getting wet from my tires Lol

    • Nice ride :) what air filter is that?

    • Duel Barrel intake Low Mean can get um for you

    • Is your seat moved back I'm 6 feet 2 inches and 250 and its tight for me.

    • My legs are long too Low Mean Forward controls 9 inch stretch my legs out much better I always have problems with stock pegs always go with forward controls on every Bike I've owned if their available

    • Ah, it does look like you were a victim of the dealer installing the front fender wrong

    • That blows my mind about the front fender Dilleo I took mine off when I bought my Bolt but I think it was on backwards too after everybody talked about it I dug up some pics and sure enough it was backwards at least it looks like it .Oh well they put the clutch lever and front break levers on the right sides so I got that going for me LMAO

    • Hea Fabian Chichester I don't suppose you want too trade your awesome gas tank for my (sticks out like a sore thumb) white tank..... Dont bother answering that stupid question Lol

    • No seat is standard

    • Thanks everyone yea that fender is backwards but it has grown on me factory mess up

    • Haha keep it that way...