Tires What s the best bang for the buck Gona rebuild a few of my 250s and let...


Tires! What's the best bang for the buck? Gona rebuild a few of my 250s and let them go. So no need to break the bank on tires, just new meats will help sell them.

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  • Rubber is rubber to me.

  • shino 241's are cheap...

  • Shinko 241 or 244

  • Thanks guys.

  • Kenda

  • J C Whitney, Cheng shin tires, just the ticket for what you need, cheap and let them go

  • Personally, when I freshen up a bike, i use the best tires I can get, in my opinion, Dunlop.

  • If I was keeping it, lately everyone has to buy for " bottom dollar" so if they want quality tires they can replace them at the buyers descression

  • FYI it's 85$ for both not each. Let me know