• to cut a long story short ish I bought mine with some money I found in a...

    to cut a long story short,(ish) I bought mine with some money I found in a mustard tin when my mom died,I had a red one before,but when the firm I was working for went bust I sold it to pay my mates,so, I got another with me moms dosh,rode it for a few years then took it to a "restorer", because I will NEVER sell it,three and a half years later and £3500 later,a mate went and got it back to keep me out of prison, and I have a basket case on me hands,frame,wheels,etc have been stoved, a few other bits have been cleaned,but,I might need advise from you guys,because although I have repaired bikes all me life,I've never had to put one together from scratch !

    Wish me luck !

    • GOOD LUCK!

    • Good luck.

    • And so it begins !

    • Good work

    • So, apart from the obvious wheel, where should I go next ? Loom ? Motor ? airbox ? just don't want to do anything twice if I don't have to !

    • Is the bike easy to get of this bench/table? I would suggest to start with the front wheel. Second the airbox then the engine then you Will see its quite easy. Next thing then is route the cables. Go from there

    • Yep,need to get it off the table,had a feeling airbox next,Thanks Fred

    • Didn't get airbox in cos a mate called in and I needed a hand with the motor !

    • Otherwise drop the airbox and use pod filters instead

    • I'll take the subframe off,it was my fault,could've chucked it in loose but in my haste at ahving help I bloody forgot til motor was hanging !

    • Subframe indeed is easy . Remove Top end bolts loosen lower bolts and drop it a bit

    • Just noticed that the vin plate is missing :(

    • Got one spare