to get the crankshaft apart to replace the rod bearing


to get the crankshaft apart to replace the rod bearing

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  • ok ill look around you know a ball park what it can cost to take it to a shop to press the old one to do it that way

  • U will prob have to rent a special tool to put it back on its got a certain way its got to go in place its not much to rent. google how to put it back on and it will show u a video of what the tool looks like and where to rent it.

  • My friend has his own shop i will ask him 2moro. i would rent the tool and do it myself. i will find out for shur but i think u can make one i will find out tho

  • Cost me $250 to have a new rod installed and crank trued

  • for that price I can buy a new complete one .... im just trying to get it fixed and then sell it don't want to invest tomuch into it or ill want to keep it

  • Oem cranks are far better than any aftermarket crank that's the only reason I had the stock crank rebuilt

  • Where u located i may trade u out of it like it is

  • im in nw ohio by toledo

  • go to youtube watch video on how to slit case

  • I got the crank out needed to find out how to take it apart to replace the bearing on the rod but I found a good bottom end im just going to pick up