Today a friend of mine who rides a Harley trike cost him about 30K asked me...


Today a "friend" of mine who rides a Harley trike (cost him about 30K!) asked me when I will be getting a "real bike" instead of my '09 VStar 1300! He thinks I need the "Harley rumble" and apparently thinks I want the extra price tag. Ive had my Star for about a year and love it, so tried telling him I didn't want to spend over twice as much money to get less power, less engine dependability, and extra repair costs, aftermarket costs, etc. Told him I'll get a louder exhaust if I want more sound. He blew all that off, of course; just surprised that I didn't want to join "the Harley cult," as I call it. As if HD riders can't believe there could be a better brand out there ... Frustrating!!

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