Today is the day. Washed. Waxed. And ready to ride. Time to roll


Today is the day! Washed. Waxed. And ready to ride. Time to roll!

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  • Will you come do mine now? Please?

  • Karen McCormick, that is "No shit" my plan for a retirement job. I'd love to detail bikes a few days a week. Just a couple more yrs. to go. But Yes. I'll hook you up. Just promise to send all your friends to me.

  • Just finished washing mine, ride safe!!!

  • Mine too.don't get it dirty

  • My part of Oregon should still be getting snow, but we've seen 70 ! It still gets cold and nasty but they already swept the every nice day after work I ride. 500 miles this month and I haven't been more than 40 miles from my house......That's probably weird, but I love ride even if I have to go to Home Depot.......everyday :)

  • Looking mighty nice there! What do you use to detail, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Damn you John......I saw that Red bike at the dealer, then I looked at yours again........That thing is sweet !

  • I use a duster on it before I ride and then just rinse it after. When I detail it....Meguiars, Ultimate polish, wax. I'm about to use a 3 M product "paint Defender" A spray on that dries to a protective film on the saddlebags. They get scuffed when my girlfriend gets on and off. I tried the roll of 3 M film but wasn't good enough at making it fit the contours. The You Tubes on the spray product look good. I'll make a post with photos when I do it.

  • Thanks Don Hamon

  • I get a little flack from folks. But i actually wash it with soap and water. I use an old paint brush to get the cyclinder fins and little places I can't get my hands. I blow dry it with an electric leaf blower to get all the water out the nooks crannies and wiring. Then I use Macquires Gold Class polish on it.