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Has anyone bought this cover or one just like it and was it from eBay? I won an AR210 2012. I need a new cover all I find is dust all over my boat after I take the one off I bought 2 seasons ago - seems to be falling apart quickly.

  • they are $648 now....up and down in price crazy lol

  • this isn't the same cover.....its a step down!

  • Does yours have the zip cover for all cleats? The one I posted does

  • the only difference in the cleat covers, which I preferred not to have as I keep mine in the water. Last one on last boat these took a beating

  • Those are nice covers...bought mine from Yamaha Sports Plaza. I have a 2015 Limited S. Cover is easy on and easy off with no snaps.

  • no tom, but you don't cover in water so you may want covers to keep salt off lol

  • Got it, mine sits in driveway over the winter, thinking I want to cover over all

  • yea....if on water covered...they takea beating and rip off

  • Does it have a good venting system? I do not see it from the picture

  • yea...both have the vents top of the window....

  • black is so much better....doesn't show the crap

  • birds are afraid...LOL

  • Do people prefer grey or black? I got grey, AI thought it would draw less heat, lighter cover, not sure it did, but it sure shows every stain.

  • Mine is black....and in the south its always covered in pollen!

  • Black, doesn't show crap. Grey turns black like mildew.....def black, you wont go grey will kill you seeing it.

  • I always have to cover my boat, leaves, birds, critters etc. I left it uncovered twice and payed for it each time!

  • Honestly, just went with the one that matched the boat. Very happy with it. I trailer my boat and have had no issues plus it repels the water right off of it and have had no reason to treat it with any other product.

  • I treated my grey one with 303 protectant and now it is a dust storm every time I take it on and off, really sucks!! It is OEM

  • I got the grey for my 242 LS, also off eBay. It does stain, but that just means the cover is doing its job..

  • My old boat had a blue cover. I think after 5 years I retreated with 303....brought color back and repellant was new....that 303 stuff is awesome for cover and bimini top

  • Then I guess I just got a POS cover, I bought it 2 years ago this month and I used my factory cover this winter. :(

  • Did u pay shipping at the 549 price?

  • free ship ...was prime

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  • looks like they not selling them at this showed other sellers I posted.

  • Then I'll add to watch list and see what happens, but I want the zip cleat covers. I also own the dock or lake cover, that has snaps all the way around.

  • So you have a 212X

  • yes I do

  • I have one with no tower. problems

  • How fancy!

  • Good thing you don't have a 242ls, they are close to $900.00

  • Wow! That's a bit much

  • Yep!

  • got the 1st one free when i bought the boat....won't hesitate to buy again when time comes

  • Replaced my chalking gray one! Much better

  • Mine is doing the same, 2 years old and didn't use it this winter, POS! Hope black is better

  • Mine was less than 1 year old. Got it covered under warranty

  • Wish I did short season in CT and put the delivery cover on for winter, when I pulled the grey one out I realized it is junk.

  • Am i the only one who noticed he won a boat lol