Tomorrow I have a race with My FriendS ON HIghway FZV2 VS APACHE 160 RTR VS...


Tomorrow I have a race with My FriendS ON HIghway FZV2 VS APACHE 160 RTR VS KARISHMA ZMR VS CBZ which one wins which goes highest speed my Bike is new 26 days FZV2 but my friends has old ones almost 3+years plss suggest me how to win

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  • karishma zmr ha ha ha

  • Please don't go for it.

    Ride safe atleast untill you get used to your bike.

    + Its a new machine, take care of it...

  • Bro zmr will win next to that apache next fz and last cbz bro take care of ur darling brother ride safe

  • Bro..if u r in a traffic zone..then it depends upon the rider and he can in straight and empty road the fastest bike will win..ex- karizma...and dont make your bike for race..its new and not prepared..

  • ok bro

  • If it's a traffic zone.... Then use gear technics...... Fz is best in traffic zones.... U can easily have a cut.... Others r not compact able...... U can easily win in traffic

  • oh thanks bro

  • Very simple. FZ-S V2 is not for race..

  • Bro,I have to tell you one thing! Dont Race bro,Our life is precious,Bikes may come and go, but life is only one. I had lost my cousin yesterday on a bike accident. Dont Race bro,If any mistakes happen it will ruin ur family forever

  • bro who win the race...

  • Bro, we're awaiting your response... What happened? You raced or not? If you did, was everyone safe, and of course what was the result??

  • Bro all are safe bro karizma is old not in condition highest speed 110 so old , but apache is best competition , and cbz have high speed 125 but my fz 116 new one doesn't give high speed and finally i won lastly there is so much traffic fz goes simply next cbz next apache next karizma

  • Me bro

  • But there is no mileage at speed of 70+ petrol drinks like a water there is no race i will wait for my 4 th service