took the bike out for about a 100 mile ride today stopped about 10 miles from...


took the bike out for about a 100 mile ride today, stopped about 10 miles from the house before I left and filled it up, went 88 miles and stopped at the same station same pump same fuel, put 1.7 gal in. the is just shy of 52 miles per gallon, not bad 60-65mph average with a 70-75 for a 20 mile stretch. and about 10 miles of in town. I'd say that is pretty good for these Missouri Ozark twisty roads.

was a pretty good day, except when I came upon a group of asshole riders when I stopped for a soda and smoke, I asked which way they were headed, they said home... gave me a dirty look, they all hopped on their bikes, I laughed a little inside when the lady on her old sporty gave me a dirty look then dumped it as she started it in gear and it popped forward.

other than that it was a good day, nice out, and traffic in the ozarks was almost none.

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