Tossing around the idea of getting a yxz just don t know much about them as to...


Tossing around the idea of getting a yxz just don't know much about them as to how well they hold up has anyone had problems out of there's?

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  • Yamaha quality!

  • I could have waited and bought the X3. I could have bought the Turbo RZR... money was not the issue. I wanted the best bike for what I like to do.... Ride hard and not worry. I wanted to shift and "feel" the experience more. I wanted reliability and the rush of it. It was a no brainer for me... I went the YXZ and it was the best "toy" I have ever bought. HANDS DOWN. I cannot wait and I count down the days till I ride it again. The YXZ is a rush. Buy it and don't look back...

  • Year old Sunday, 4669 miles only issue was a gas pedal spring.

  • Downshifting out of corners is the shit

  • Charles Kertesz my gosh is it ever

  • And you're not doing that with the belt !!

  • I've only owned yamaha products and I abuse mine, but do the required maintenance and they have been great. Beat it on the trail, but baby it in the shop

  • 2350 miles stock clutch no problem what so ever.

  • I love mine- just wish some of the after market items I put on came stock.....

  • You on Jericho in Henry County?

  • I'm in grant county

  • We have a 2017 SS blue and white at Yamaha of Louisville in Middletown.