Tracer country


Tracer country....

Mynydd Epynt, Powys.

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  • The tank cover looks great, i had one on my TDM 900 very good for attaching the bagster bags to

  • Wales best roads in the country. Right within easy reach of my home. Best road in my opinion is the A483 between Newport and Crossgates.Where there is a cafe. No speed restrictions. 12 miles of severe twisties followed by 12 miles of fast sweepers. Been biking for close on 50years now always enjoy trhe Welsh roads the most.

  • Agreed! Although a sunny day in Scotland runs it very close!!!

  • Peter Osborn, I think you mean the A483 from Newtown to Crossgates. A friend recently got pulled there, resulting in points, and it's a road I avoid unless I'm in touring mode.

  • Sorry my mistake Newtown to Crossgates. I have heard of police presence but always ride during the week days hopefully this avoids the extra police attention. Still a bloody good bit of tarmac especially as a lot of it has been resurfaced. Unfortunately the road has got popular with bikers and consequently like other roads (The Cat and Fiddle) for example will eventually be restricted to 50mph. A difficult road to ride in touring mode.

  • Yes Michael Scotland is brilliant but a little too far to get to. My favourite is the B863 around Loch Leven off the A82.Turn right in Glencoe village. Surface not 100% but plenty to keep you busy.

  • Brecon to Merthyr, great road.

  • Just back from 4 days in Wales. 1000 miles done and the bike was faultless apart from a bloody whining/whirring noise between 3500 and 4000 rpm.