Tracer in for the 12k service new side panels cam chain tensioner and front...


Tracer in for the 12k service, new side panels, cam chain tensioner and front discs. Got a loan bike. Wanted the MT10, R1 or MT09. Got this shitter. Foul and disgusting.

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  • I quite liked the TDM very easy to ride fast but wasn't exciting doing it either I suppose, used to use them as chase bikes at the dealer I worked for for that reason, no one could get away from you if they tried to disappear on a demo bike, quite fun keeping up with 916s at the time without trying at all whilst the customers were all knees down and stuff. Couldn't get decent fuel consumption from them myself so bought an Exup

  • Wow a loaner bike? The dealership's in the US don't give ya shit, you have figure out your own ride back and go without a bike for however long it takes to get the work done. Good thing I have 4 street bikes ha

  • Tracer is back and all is well again. 12k service was £223. Cracked side panels, cam chain tensioner and front discs/pads all replaced under warranty; no questions asked. And that, ladies and gents, is why you get your bike serviced at a dealer.

  • What year is your bike then? 2015?

    Why did it need discs and pads?

    I take it the CCT was one of the effected faulty ones?

  • March 2015. Brakes were pulsing at low speed when coming to a stop; left disc warped beyond the limit. The CCT was replaced after I remarked that the engine rattled on the right side. I didn't expect them to order it in, just to inspect.

  • I was wondering about cam chain tensioner. What if it goes wrong after warranty? I want it replaced in warranty even though it's working OK for now.

  • The TDM was a classic!

  • Still got mine take it out from time to time good for old grunter

  • Spot on. Cant ask for better than that can you (:

    Do you remember what colour dot the CCT had on it?

  • The old one or the new one?

  • The old one?

    If it had a red dot or 2 black dots.. there was a technical bulletin about them

  • Sure the old one had a white dot.

  • Not sure about white dots, cant remember exactly.

    The bulletin basically said, if the cct is a problem, just replace it free of charge whether the bikes in or out of warranty, as its a known issue.

  • TDM = Tedium

    How does the cam chain tensioner manifest itself as an issue? Mine is beginning to sound a little rattley- does that how you diagnosed the issue ? Rees Rees Mills

  • Have had them rattle on Hondas before. Noisy on start up and again when decelerating.

  • Mmm - I reckon mines on the way out then - but only done 7k ?!?!

  • My neighbour has just had his done at 700 miles!!

  • That's the tracers dad don't be horrid no Tdm no tracer

  • Hey hey hey respect your elders !! Plus it gives you the opportunity to notice how cool ur Tracer really is

  • Don't spit in granny's soup. Before Tracy, the TDM was the best multipurpose bike yam sold...

  • Simon Ploumas it's a known issue. There's a Technical Bulletin for it in the US and the UK dealers seem to be on top of it. As long as your service history is maintained, I would imagine it would be sorted out of warranty.