Traded in my CBR for a 2015 Bolt a couple of days ago It s been a big...

Traded in my CBR for a 2015 Bolt a couple of days ago. It's been a big adjustment, but so far I'm really happy with the change.

  • Finally found the picture. That was mine

  • That's my old cbr

  • Lol, I traded my NC30 :)

  • I traded a 97 vz800 marauder on my bolt 2 weeks ago.

  • I'd done Kawi sportbikes all my life until making the switch a few years ago, first a Honda, then a Suzuki and finally to my Bolt. I still miss sportbikes but my back and knees don't. Ha. Welcome.

  • Welcome to the club!! Enjoy

  • i'd the thame last year, with nearly the thame honda ...i'd traded a hornet 600s for the bolt.... it's my first yamaha what i have.before i'd ride only hondas and that for over 30 years!

  • Love em both in just can't let the blade go...

  • I did the same. Went from a ninja to the bolt. Put 1500kms on her the last three days. Not sure I coulda on the ninja. Mind you I woulda got there faster lol. Always said. The ninja is for running away from zombies. The bolt is for fighting them.