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2.5 hours, washing waxing and shining, done a few mods over the winter, added a FM radio, made a set of lowers, added throttle lock, drivers backrest, tail bag, but the best mod I have done was bringing the saddle bags in close to the rear fender, just had to remove a couple spacers, before I did it I could fit my hand between the fender and the saddle bags, now there is a very tight gap, looks much better in my opinion.Happy riding all.

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  • Looks great. You have me thinking about those bags now.

  • Just looking at it. My backrest brackets seem to be a little different from yours. I have that huge gap around the fender but the saddle bag lids almost touch the backrest supports.

  • Share some more about the FM radio. What is it? Where is it? Is it permanantly mounted. How does it work with the system?

  • Is that a custom made kick stand device. You should paint it to match the bike lol nice bike by the way

  • Like some info on the fm radio? I am looking into doing the same thing

  • Sandy Rigby Cosmo Slisz, This is the FM radio I purchased, I did not use the mount that came with it but rather built my own bracket, I was able to wire it into the amp on the bike , the only other thing I did was add an automotive antena to the set up, I like it a lot and it works very well and is completly waterproof P3-Stereo-Sound-System-Waterproof-For-Yamaha-Cruis ers-/221764723455?hash=item33a23522ff

  • Thanks just ordered one!

  • To save me some time could you tell/ show where you tapped into the amp?

  • Cosmo Slisz, I wish I could tell you exactly how it was done, I wired everything else up but had a friend who is a stereo installer wire it into the amp, I was busy doing the other wiring and I diden't even check out how he did that part.

  • Thanks for the radio info , I will figure it out , thanks again