trying to decide on a new set of tires for my 2010 FZ6R currently have the...


trying to decide on a new set of tires for my 2010 FZ6R...currently have the Pirelli Angel ST's and I found them ok...I put on over 10,000 km on them but not sure how many of the 8,000 km that the previous owner had the bike for were on them...looking at Bridgestone Battlax T30, Michelin Pilot Road 4, Metzeler Sportec M5, Metzeler Roadtec Z8 and the Pirelli Angel GT...I live in Southwestern Ontario where the majority of roads are long, straight, some sweeping curves...some good switchbacks and hairpins but I have to go north for that, and that's only in the summer when I am off...any reviews on grip (both dry and wet), longevity, stability at high speeds (I do like to twist the wrist on a nice open straightaway)...don't lean too much right now, but hoping to change that next season (not knee dragging though LOL)...thanks all!

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  • my stock tires are the dunlop roadsmart and they've been good.

  • not sure what is stock as I bought mine used...only had 8,000 km on it so I assume the tires on it were the stock ones (Pirelli Angel ST) but then again, the owner could've switched them our right away...I have heard great things about the 4's but they are very pricey...I have heard not the best about the battlax from others on a forum I am also on...

  • must be nice Kelly Kenselaar to ride twisty roads a lot...out my way it's mostly flat...some nice roads up north but they're 3 hours away to just get there...I am jealous... :)

  • yeah, there's some good ones not far from me but the best road that everyone used to ride on is covered in tar snakes so it's unsafe for motorcyclists now. I swear they did it on purpose,

  • funny you say that because a lot of the nicer (although not the best) roads that were close to where I live have all been resurfaced in that chip and tar combination that needs to be driven on for weeks before it's packed down...I think it's a conspiracy against us...I have heard of a lot of complaints from residents about the number of bikes going by their houses on a nice day so maybe that's why the city is doing it...either that or it's cheaper...who knows...all I know is I lost a big portion of my fun roads this year :(

  • 2 things I'll never be cheap on: Brakes and tires.

  • Exactly. there were complaints from the residents in that area about the noise of the bikes plus one curve saw about 4 crashes a day. so now they've made it hazardous to attempt riding there. Everyone in the moto groups around me are searching for new twisty roads.

  • oh I don't plan on being cheap trust me...I love my life too much to be so...

  • I think we all need to move south to the WV/SC/TN area and just spend out days riding the roads down there LOL make it a mass exodus of Canadian riders :)

  • That's one thing I love about here..... There are good roads for DAYS.....