Trying to decide on which exhaust wrap to go with Let s see some pics for...


Trying to decide on which exhaust wrap to go with. Let's see some pics for ideas. Thanks Bolt riders!

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  • Millwaukee Twins wrap on SSCC Real Deal pipes.

  • Looks good. I still want your pipes haha.

  • What's the diameter of those pipes?

  • 1 3/4 typical drag pipe sizing.

  • Thanks. To bad Shane doesn't make these anymore. I'd have expected them to be popular enough to stay in production.

  • What size is the stock pipe? I know it's smaller

  • SS real deals here! Titanium wraps.

  • He'll do them again. Just needs 25 dedicated people on board and paid. At least that's what he told me.

  • Well hell. I've commissioned a local shop to fabricate a custom set. Fingers crossed.

  • Yeah I spoke to him the other day. Probably a better route to go as it may be a while if at all if he does then again.

  • Zack Hobbs want to see those custom pipes when done!

  • Hopefully I'll be showing em off haha.

  • I think stock is 1 5/8ths or so, but I haven't actually measured them.

  • Sorry for the negative comment but am I the only one who doesn't get the pipe wrapping thing? I find it hideous with zero purpose.

  • I found out something very interesting about the real deal exhaust, apparently the exhaust itself is too restrictive because of the pipe size to actually have a performance benefit for the Bolt. I'm going to post the video link and you guys can read the description for yourselves and watch the video if you want.

  • To each his/her own.....

  • Alex Paul totally agree. Was just about to add that to my post. I just don't get it. Not trying to be a dick. Just don't get it.

  • Actually it does serve a purpose. It retains heat in the pipe so when you shut off the bike cold air does not travel up the pipe and warp the valves.

  • Patrick Caswell yes I've read that as well just struggling to find actually evidence. There is also an argument that it can retain moisture thus damaging your surfaces. It seems like it is just a backyard solution to do other than ceramic coatings to achieve the same possible outcome you mention. I have also read it bakes the pipe and can deteriorate welds over time. Just opening up the conversation because there is lots of mixed emotions about this out there. But like you said to each his/her own.

  • Jordan Bolt from Keith Black Racing Engines. All of the benefits of exhaust wrap revolve around the material’s heat-controlling properties. The most obvious benefit is that fact that less radiant heat makes it to the rider’s legs or the bikes components and body-work. The wrap serves as a thermal blanket that directs more of the heat out of the exhaust outlet rather than the sides of the pipe.

    Though external heat control is the primary benefit, there is also a potential performance benefit. Hotter exhaust gasses (as created by the insulation of the wrap) are less dense. Thus, the exhaust “scavenging” can be more effective. In effect, intake and exhaust gasses are pulled more quickly through the engine which increases performance.

  • There just seems to be lots of "Internet theory" on the topic. Still not sold until I see some performance and longevity tests.

  • That's a pretty sad sounding dyno pull didn't seem like he ran it very hard.

    I haven't dyno'd mine but it definitely makes considerably more than stock power with a nearly identical set up.

    Not trying to start an argument, but, I'm not buying that they are overly restrictive. No way a 942 cc engine with a 7k redline needs more than twin 1 7/8ths pipes. The baffles are just standard baffles no real restriction there. Drag pipes invariably cost a bit of bottom end torque but definitely make top end hp and the Real Deals are as good as any.

  • Amen. HA!

  • The real restriction is at the intake.

  • So basically the Vance & Hines setup works just as well if not better.

  • More or less


    Dyno'd a bolt with different levels of mods and several different pipes. The results are on his site.

  • George M. Aguilar

  • Yeah I looked at the V&H related charts, the slip-on has a 1.1 horsepower advantage. Lol