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  • I thought cf moto was a pretty good brand until we had to change a cv boot in my buddy's cfmoto sxs. The quality of parts they use is crap! And their service manuals look like they are written by a 3rd grader.

  • Wtf is a cf moto?

  • Junk your not missing anything not knowing of them. Buddy had a four wheeler, total crap

  • Yamaha Honda Polaris arctic cat Kawasaki if you can't settle on one of these don't bother

  • Yamaha all others are clones

  • I know but....

  • Well I'm here to tell all about the cfmoto, this is my dads rig, I chopped the top about 4", built a 3" lift, snorkels and he runs 30" Mudlites and 29.5 terms with no mods what so ever. Cfmoto designed and built there own engine, it's really like a v-twin Yamaha engine, wet clutch, stock cvtech sheaves. This thing will eat, I love driving it when he lets me! It's a 2014 model and has not had to turn a wrench yet.

  • I don't own a cf moto but my buddies have got them.They have been making sxs for other companies like Yamaha for years.There just trying to build them name up here in the states.

  • We just had to change 2 front cv boots on my buddy's cfmoto sxs. Just a tip, IF you get a cfmoto change out the axle nuts to castle nuts. They come stock with the smash and go style of nut on them. After cutting a nut off of one side with an angle grinder, I taught myself how to change the other cv boot without taking the axle nut off!