Unrelated to the bike anybody else hate people that try to race or try to show...


Unrelated to the bike...anybody else hate people that try to race or try to show off their faster car when your minding your own business? (I drive a 2012 civic si). It's not fast by any means compared to these stock turbo'd subarus or mazdas.

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  • They try to race, like really? Almost double the hp. Go race someone in your hp class. Or catch me on the bike. (Then they are too chicken to play)

  • I love when people try and race me in their cars when I'm on the bike lmao

  • They hear my idle and back off lol

  • On your bike? Or car?

  • Bike, lumpy cams

  • Is your cam shaft fabricated from scratch or did you have the stock one turned/modified?

  • Swapped out from a different yammy 600 but with the fz timing lol

  • Did you take the yzf-r6 cams ? I had a 2010 speed 3 fully bolted and tuned stage 3 and it would blow the fearings off my Yamaha fz6r lol, my Kawasaki zx-6r 636 is a different story

  • 2006 fz6 cams

  • Did it make a good difference ?

  • Pulls nicely from 4.5k rpm and keeps going

  • I've had 2 cars beat me on the bike. Both on the highway, one of the new corvettes, and a Porsche Panamera turbo. There's a lot of civics/subarus and Mazda speeds around me, none have beat me on the bike

  • It's fun to troll the subbys and mazdas

  • I know, sometimes I tuck in and give it 3/4 throttle and act like that's it, then wait for them to get near me...well then you know. It is fun

  • Really ? My fz6r is slow compared to my buddies Honda Accord V6 and my speed could pull on it easy, bought a Kawi 636 and that thing pulls haard

  • What the hell is your buddy running in the accord that makes the bike seen slow? Haha. As for the Mazda speeds iv seen some very fast ones but none have beat the bike. Maybe on the highway at greater speeds. Most of the time I get a race is on a stretch of road that starts a roll on at 40

  • I mean the fz6r is not a "fast" bike compared to others but it takes just about every car on the road around me. I rode a 2003 Honda cbr954rr and a 2006 Suzuki gsxr1000 that we had at work....thems is fast boiiii. Haha. Almost pissed my pants doing 100+ in third.

  • Factory Supercharged Pontiac GrandPrix GTP... has a Supercharged decal on the trunk... most people don't bother my car aside from other cars that are REDICULOUSLY powerful... like the SVT Terminator Cobra that wanted to play on the highway... I had no chance in hell. But for a 17 year old car she moves well and still looks good.

  • Every day when I'm out, but I don't mind winning! Lol. They see all my stickers and want a try at it! Lol

  • What kinda of numbers does it put up?

  • But you drive a pretty powerful car, you have more than a good chance at winning. I have a near stock 4 cylinder Honda Civic. I mean really. People in camaros like this try to get me to race. That's the equivalent of me trying to race a minivan in my civic.

  • I don't think this says "look! Race me! I think I'm fast!"

  • Its because you drive a Honda. Hahaha. I get that all the time in my hatch as well. Lol but I can take on majority of the other imports and some domestic, if they arent decently modified. Haha.

    But no one plays with me on the r1

  • I beat Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S so that's fun

  • And why is driving a Honda a running joke? Super relaible and well built cars.

  • Its just the Honda community is filled with young and dumb assess that act a fool haha. But of course that isn't everyone but it just stuck.

  • Around 250hp/300tq but being my DD I haven't done many mods, intercooler and smaller pulley would make those go way up.

  • Oh I was waiting to here crazy numbers like 500hp. Lol. My civic is like 215 with the few mods I have

  • haha most people think that, its as fast as most stock older 4.6L mustangs power-wise but everything is making so much power these days N/A she's gotten old and slow. But it's ok, stupid fast cars would only get me in trouble. But people think its fast because you can hear the blower, and a downshift to first will smoke the tires, and I have a good poker face... but reality sh runs 14s in the 1/4 :(

  • Nice. My brother had a 96' svt cobra with the 4.6 v8 that thing was fun

  • So adding to this....I took on a 2012 ish? Bmw 335i and won 2 out of 3 times. I missed 4th the 1st time. Haha.

  • Hahaha poor BMW, he didn't have a chance. They're slow anyways. Even my civic can take it.

  • Sammo Mao just so we are clear I was racing him in my 2012 civic si. Not the fz6r. (That's a walk in the park) but I looked up his car, 300hp. My civic makes like 205hp stock and I have a cat back exhaust and kn cold air intake (+10hp?) between the two.

  • Well shit. That's even better!!!!!!!

  • Did I get someone that can't drive? Or are they really as slow as my car? Haha

  • Both? Haha they're slow and you're a better driver. 3 out of 4....come on. Lol.

    I believe the 2012 Si has the 2.4L instead right? Them sucker has good tq for a civic, also the gearing is shorter too and having an LSD trans helps. Which I believe yours comes with one...unless honda took them put lol.

  • 2 out of 3* yeah it's the 2.4l k24 block. They still have the helical limited slips. Either way,...I'm happy I beat a fancy car haha

  • Should look into getting your civic ECU flashed. I bet you, you'll obtain great gains there. I chipped my board with Hondata myself and it's

  • I want the flashpro but it's pricy. $700. I'd like to get rid of that rev hang for sure. And make the most out of the basic mods I have. Eventually wanting to get the skunk 2 headers and downpipe to go with the megapower rr car back. Turbo is a dream....too much money.

  • Btw what year and version civic do you have?

  • Boosting isn't as bad as you think if you have guidance on how to choose proper parts. It's the tune thats pricy.

  • I got a 98 Hatch DX lol. Just with the K20A2

  • That's cool. If it gets you on the road having fun it worth having.

  • I hardly drive it anymore tho. Haha. Maybe like 20miles a month lol. Every since I got a bike, the car gets the back burner. Lol

  • I hear ya. I'm kinda the other way. Last year I put 9k on the bike here in New Hampshire. This year iv had the civic. Iv put like 2k on the bike so far. Haha. I also have a 1990 Harley softail custom. As well as a 1995 Mazda Miata. The civic gets all the love

  • Id love to have a Miata and do a swap lol but I already have too many toys.

  • I don't have plans to do a swap. Iv seen some mean 5.0 miatas! Just restoring it.