Unrestricted my xj6 Just cut the bottom bit of the plate off with snips lol...


Unrestricted my xj6. Just cut the bottom.bit of the plate off with snips lol goes fucking crazy now hah I love how it just pops up on the back wheel like crazy now hah so much faster then my.old cbr and rvf400 lol love life

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  • So good to crack it at 6grand in first and it lift up real high on the rear lol

  • I dont think it does though havnt had it close back on itself. It only spins so far when u take the throttle plate off intested it. I dont think it can close itself due to the spring inside and something blocks it

  • When I bent it adam it kept getting stuck on it.

  • The rvf is more aerodynamic too than an xj6 Craig Warren I have no idea what my rvf400 did I pretty much maxxed it out down the f3 but the speedo never worked

  • I live in the states and I believe I don't have a restricted 6R but my bike also doesn't pop up on to the back wheel very easily.

  • I only got it to pop up on the back wheel in first without the clutch. Just hit the throttle hard and quickly let go then fastly smack it back on. Between 4k and 6k and the bike should just jump up

  • Haha yeah I used to be able to do that but now I just lost the feel. Okay thanks. I'll have to keep working at it

  • I'm pretty sure these are only restricted in Australia and parts of Europe, I know there not restricted in the US.

  • Yeh parts of europe are too

  • Yeah but I bought mine used and I was pretty sure it was from in the states but wasn't sure