VForce 3 VForce 4 or Boyesen Rad Valve Motocross only for a 2011 with full FMF...


VForce 3, VForce 4 or Boyesen Rad Valve? Motocross only for a 2011 with full FMF exhaust

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  • I run the xwing and radvalve in my 03. I had vforce 3 in it and I would say I'm staying with boydesen . The x wing makes a crisp throttle at low rpm. Its worth every penny.

    And look at how it flows across the main jet and power jet.

  • My 03 Yz250 Blaster.

  • That's interesting. Never seen anybody run one before. I do love the gain I noticed mid/top with the V4s in my Banshee but that's a different engine. Previously had boyesen dual stage reeds so I lost some bottom on it

  • I'm running the triple pedals on my rad-34i valve. It has top end/rpm because the big lowest pedal. And small tops for low rpms

  • Smooth transition/one piece.

    No intake manifold like the vforce requiring you to use ur stock.

  • I do like the multistage pedal design

  • I have vforce 4 on my banshee and my girl's blaster, and I love moto tassari products.

    But I wouldn't recommend this if I thought it wasn't better. Imo it is, but I think only with both xwing and rad valve. Boyesen states that the dyno specific information they have on the rad valve is with the x-wing in combination, together is about 6hp.

  • Damn that's a lot for what it is. I trust the butt dyno most! Is that 6hp peak or just threw the curve? I'd like the bike to get out of the corners easier without having to abuse the clutch too much

  • Peak I think. It brings in about 4hp at 2000 rpm.

    I use my clutch half of what I use too.

  • I like the sound of that