Wanted 77 79 IT175 Gas Tank Looking for a really nice one no fade sun as...


Wanted! 77-79 IT175 Gas Tank. Looking for a really nice one, no fade/sun as close to NOS as possible? NOS would be considered if price was not too out of reach. Thanks! Kurt 715 410 0735

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  • Good luck. Searched for months. Settled for yz ta k.

  • There was NOS tank on ebay two weeks ago for $400... Just a bit too rich for this project. I've got a usable tank but want a really nice one.

  • Restore the one you have. Mx plastics group here on Facebook

  • Rated-r Restorations

  • This guy does an awesome job.

  • Thanks, I might go that direction if I can't find a good one

  • NOS or IT Tanks in perfect condition are as rare as Hens Teeth , I restore my plastic tanks with Preprsol , Jiff , Scotch Brite Pads and many many hours of scrubbing , never perfect but come up nice if you do things right

  • I am quite sure that a 77-79 IT175 is as pretty a motorcycle as God ever created!

  • Merry Christmas to all on this site

  • bought a new it400 in 1977. A lot of friends got hurt on that beast. Finally sold it and the guy who bought it, ran it off a cliff in a gravel pit and smashed his front teeth out the very next day. next bike was a tt500 1977 model. A great bike for ice racing and general raisin hell.

  • IT Sales Brochures , I have them all , to help with any Restoration , I reckon in Sky Blue with Yellow and Bla\ck these are the cosmetic equak of any dirt bike ever made , stunning to look at the IT Range

  • Fred, do you have a brochure for the Aussie version of the IT250H ?