wanted to hear thoughts on front end lowering does this improve the handling of...


wanted to hear thoughts on front end lowering, does this improve the handling of the bike, Im 6ft tall and 160lbs (72.5 kgs) from what i have seen it looks a lot better with it lowered. cheers for any feedback

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  • Lower both Brice for the reasons Jeff said. It's not good to do one without the other. They don't lower from stock because not everyone wants/needs it lowered.

  • I meant cool as in " hey man my bike looks cool lowered"

  • ahh hmm i guess since its technically a sport touring would be part of why they dont lower it from stock eh?

    sooo next question... whats the advantage of changing the spring to a lowering spring? vs just using my stock spring likeee Patrick Zito is doing.

    Like whats the benefit of spending all that money vs. not spending all the dough.

  • I lowered mine for my clip ons. It handles better and I have zero bad side effects. I won't lower the rear, because I have no need to. This is an on going debate in the forum and I am aware that the geometry is changed, but for the better IMO. To each his, or her own.

  • Agreed. Totally a beaten down subject. I guess you would have to get on a track to settle the debate. :-) even then, personal preferences always prevail.

  • hmm sounds better to just leave stock for meh, dont wanna get involved in Geometry.

    Sorry for hijacking your post Andrew Ray

  • Nah that's all good Brice T, I went to sleep and woke up to all the information required so thank you for all the extra question you through in :)

  • The benefit of going with proper springs for lowering is that they are designed for that purpose. They also stiffin up the front end witch in my experience is fairly soft. The idea behind lowering the front and not the back is transfer weight to the front and get handling closer to a super sport. It really boils down to weather you want a plush ride that does ok in the windy bits or if you want to sacrifice some comfort for improved handling in the twistys.

  • Agree 100% Patrick. Can definitely feel road vibes a little more, but also have preload maxed. Still not too bad and handling is much better. No problems at higher speeds either. ;)

  • Ya I do feel my front end is way too soft.. but thanks for the response!