Wanted to start using the Gopro on the Tracer so got this lot off Amazon for 20

Wanted to start using the Gopro on the Tracer so got this lot off Amazon for £20! Cheers China

  • That aprilia sounds mint!

  • Look at the muvi No proof No glory box set , 60 ish quid , just got one for my dad , my bro got one , mine is older and bigger but does a great job ....

  • I've got a Drift Ghost S, a GoPro 3 Black Edition and a GoPro 3 Black Edition. I use the Drift Ghost S as a helmet cam, mounted on the side of my Shoei GT-Air. Works brilliantly, but is no match for either a GoPro 3 or 4 Black Edition in terms of move quality. The Ghost is better suited as a helmet cam though, because it's waterproof without any enclosures, you can operate it with your gloves on, rotate the lens to suit the mounting position and it's more aerodynamic than a GoPro. However, if you're mounting the cam to the bike then either the GoPro 3 or 4 BE just blows it away for pure quality. Essentially, you get what you pay for, but as a helmet-cam I'd still use the Drift every time.

  • Phil Chisholm what settings do you use for the bike?

  • on gopro 3 black?

  • i like the app for the drift too ... handy for lining up and recording ... and i guess if you mounted the phone on the handlebars you could use it as a rear view too if the cam was mounted at he back lol

  • 1080p 50-ish fps (I think). I tend to go higher than needed because when you edit you have more granular splicing/timing options.

  • wide angle?

  • Depends on the desired effect. On the bike I don't use wide angle so much, but when I'm using it on my multirotor I use it a fair bit, however if I'm flying it "first person view" I tend to not use wide angle.