Warning. This post is long


**Warning: This post is long**

It's 4am and I can't sleep so I'm gonna research my next helmet. Looking this time for either a Scorpion or Shoei. Anyone have either and want to comment your thoughts? Or recommend another brand for me to consider and why I should? I know these ones tend to be shaped a bit differently, some say they are a more comfortable fit. Guess it depends on your head shape/size and would have to be tried for fit anyways of course. The one I get would have to be available in small sizes (my helmet is XS as an example). Some concerns/issues it must not have/wish list:

- Swappable, lockable visors (pretty standard)

- Anti fogging (have an issue with this now)

- Sturdy hinges/screws (some have issues with this)

- A piece under the helmet (chin area) that blocks out cold wind. I don't know what it's called, but I added one to my helmet I have now (didn't come with it but was an option) and it made a huge difference!

- Mouth guard piece thingy (again don't know name of it). Doesn't have to be removable. Mine now is, and I take it out in summer, use it in the fall just because it's too warm in summer.

- Good vent positioning that I can open/close.

- Ideally snell rated or similar, not just dot rated. (I know the arguments on these ratings, I would still prefer more than dot rating but will consider dot so not ruling any out in this post!)

- Also must have removable lining inside, and good amount of padding.

Hmm I think that's all I really require. Picky? I don't think?but it is my riding comfort and head and life I'm protecting and after experiencing a brain injury before, I prefer not to go there again if I can help it.

Thanks in advance for your input/opinions! :)

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  • does it make me the devil that all i want to do is correct the spelling of definitely and a lot? lol. grammar nazi never rests. :\

  • hahaha Kelly I ALWAYS spell these wrong, and every time I type them I go, meh and leave it be lol. Correct away! It usually bugs me too, but for some reason I just don't care with those words lol.

  • I only learned I was spelling definitely wrong like last year. Haha.

  • You can't even spell color correctly.......

  • Its the Canaaaaadian way :P

  • You're not even Canadian on your little "continent" over there.... own time zones and shit.... WTF..... lol

  • hahaha Jeff yeah, we were the last to Join Canada, but before we were Canadian we were Brittish ruled lol. Long long before my time though :P And having our own time zone just makes us awesome. We basically told the world, screw you all, we do it our way here, on our own time! hahaha ;):P

  • I'll remember that when I'm riding and you're buried in 12 feet of snow....... See who's more awesomer then..... YEAH I SAID AWESOMER KELLY!!!!! WHATCHA GONNA DOOOOO?!?!?

  • Most comfortable helmet I've ever worn is the AGV they have adjustable cheek pads they have chin cover also they have the nose guard to cut down on fogging up your shield