Warrior 350 Which way on the A F mixture screw on the carb to make it run...


Warrior 350 Which way on the A/F mixture screw on the carb to make it run richer? My plug is showing lean I'm only running a K&N air filter NO exhaust stock motor and the plug is still showing lean. I don't get it. Do I really need to re jet the carb just for the air filter?

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  • I rode the bike for 10minutes non stop same results on the plug

  • Counter clockwise on your a/f screw. I would count the rotations as u screw it all the way in, (so you know where you started.)Then back it out at least 2 turns and go from there.

  • How long to test ride it to check the plug again?

  • No clue lol. Just back it out 2-2.5 turns and crank it up. Then fine tune it til it sounds good and doesnt bog out when u hit the gas. I just guess at this stuff really. There may be a youtube video that can help more.

  • 150 main is to big....does it sputter at all?

  • No sputter. Bike runs good.was just surprise it's running good until I saw the plug.

  • the fuel screw only controls the pilot circuit only idle to 1/4 throttle nothing more

  • Google plug chop

  • Is ur needle set third from the top?

  • Sorry I don't know just purchased the bike a month ago didn't take apart the carb yet

  • Clean your carb first may find junk in the bowl. Then set mixture screw 3 and 1/2 open you may also have to bring the needle in the slid up one notch also.

  • dont set fuel screws ar 3 1/2 turns out do not go out further then 3 turns out if u need to be 3 turns out then u need a larger pilot jet also like i said earlier the fuel screw only controls idle to 1/4 throttle

  • Have you ever read the performance manual for the warrier .the if not go back to school. I'm an engine builder and you evidently didn't read what is said the carb may need to be cleaned.

  • And the idle mixture screw also controls from idle to midrange and slide needle controls just below mid to high.

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  • i actually work on carbs for guys and am actually working a a set of 660 carbs as we speak heres something to educate u a little bit from your earlier post of going 3 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw u never go past 3 turns out and if u need to means u need a larger pilot jet this is becaust theres a spring that keeps tension on the screw and when u go past 3 turns out theres not enough tension on the screw and it can back out or fall all the way out

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  • Its 2.5 turns stock for a/f and get a 147.5 main jet should fix you problem