Water getting into oil in the engine on my 03 Any ideas what is the problem...


Water getting into oil in the engine on my 03. Any ideas what is the problem and is it hard to fix ? Thanks

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  • Also check impeller shaft for wear

  • it was happening to mine and I replaced both seals and the impeller shaft and I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to anything like that but it fixed the problem thanks to the help from people on this sight and a couple YouTube videos

  • If your oils turning white it'll be your water seals/ bearns that'll need done I had this problem with my 02 couple a week back, got new seals and bearings for under £10

  • I had the same problem when I bought my bike. Turns out the impeller shaft had too much wear. I changed all the water pump seals, the bearing and the impeller shaft.

  • If your gonna do a seal or bearing u may as well do them all at the same time cost me fuck all in parts and took me about an hour but like I said I didn't have a clue

  • Water pump seal

  • Water pump rebuild kit for my 02 was 17 dollars. Came with bearing, appropriate seal/gasket, and inner and outer water pump seals.

  • seals in water pump buddy do as Adam said buddy you be up n running

  • Thanks for advice ill give it a go

  • Water pump seals