We don t have many rules in this group in fact I don t think there are any...


We don't have many rules in this group.....in fact I don't think there are any rules really. But we won't stand for blatant spamming and advertising for parts.

Share a link to a mod you want, show some pics of what your doing, create a discussion about the best type of bulb and where to get it. All fine.

But don't just post shite. It's a closed group for a reason! The door can be opened and your let in, but can also be opened again and you'll be blocked.

I've written all this, but anyone it matters to wouldn't read it!

Ah well its therapeutic. But if you see any spam then tag me Stephen Tyler or Mark Canham in a comment and one of us will check it out and remove as needed.

So anyone wanna buy some bulbs......?

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  • Thanks Mark.

  • Perfect way to run a forum really happy to be here

  • Well said that man!

  • Here here. Sick of spam :-(

  • Admin ;-)