• We ll have to do something to celebrate when we crack 2500 members We re...

    We'll have to do something to celebrate when we crack 2500 members. We're nearly there.

    • I think Yamaha should give us a new 2015 YZ250 to give away to celebrate our loyalty. Or at least a new plastics kit. Don't like our chances though lol.

    • Everyone on this page needs to meet up and ride

    • What da yah mean Geoff LOL! :D

      Well, now "cracking" beers with an Aussie and an American national in a bar here outside of Manila. All of us happen to be doing consulting for a project. Wish though ours beers are your homemade Coopers pale ale beer from SA ;)

      Cheers mate! :D

    • Got to admit I like a Coopers myself Kiko.

    • Best beer in the world by far Geoff, IMHO especially during the southern hemisphere cold season like it is almost now in Australia and New Zealand.

      2nd would be Little Creature, also Pale Ale, from Western Oz ;)

    • We also used to home brew Coopers 55 longnecks at a time in a garbage bin lol. We liked a drink. I haven't tried/ heard of Little Creature though.

    • Like the red Coopers Geoff LOL! :D

    • Try the Little Creature from WA. It's also a decently tasty pale ale, though the Coopers taste better, well only IMHO