Wearing shorts whilst riding. Fashion fax pas or totally bad ass


Wearing shorts whilst riding. Fashion fax pas or totally bad ass?

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  • Well I'm speaking. Ride naked if you want. There's always a risk. I ride everyday in shorts. Jeans will wear through in an accident, I know. If I didn't have to wear a helmet, I wouldn't. In fact I gave up riding for over ten years shortly after California passed the helmet law. Life is short people (pun intended

  • NOOOO.... (**yes**)I always swore to ride in jeans... With AZ heat in the 112+ degrees an the raven bolt motorcycle (all black) being your only form of transportation I found my self wearing shorts ever so often due to the overwhelming puddles of sweat in my a** region when I wore pants. I now drive with a long sleeve very breathable shirt to stop sun burn, a helmet, and shorts every once in a while. Then again my rides are only via street and from home to the gym or work. 15-20min tops with traffic. Would I tell people to wear shorts? No, I would not because I wouldn't want them to think that it's safe, I know it's not safe. By doing so I feel it would make a rider real lackadaisical in other aspects of riding. See I know the dangers but I also know the discomfort all too well. It's more of a hush hush type of thing.

  • To ride a motorcycle or not? Helmet or not? Gear or not? To attend college or not? Get married and raised a family or not? Get the point? Dude its your ride and your life , do what makes you happy but also accept the consequences for what you choose. As for me that pipe is too damn hot lol.

  • Actually Art Gonzalez, IMO, I tend be more careful because I'm wearing shorts. Now I know some people say the same thing about drinking/smoking while riding/driving, that I do NOT agree with, but hey??? In So Cal, it's a pretty common sight.

  • So..... That's a no Charlie?

  • That's right

  • Hahaha! ⬆

  • Ultimately it is up to what you are willing to do. There is always inherit risk to riders, wearing proper gear is a safety measure. No matter how experienced, careful and aware you cannot anticipate what others will do. Riding jeans or pants. The do make warm weather gear with lots of airflow.

  • Shorts eh ? Dude I wear my kilt commando on my bolt